Popcorn Of The Month Club - 12 month pick-up

The Popcorn of the Month Club is a gourmet gift your friends and family will never forget! Each month, the recipient will receive two separate flavors (3/4 gallon bags) of popcorn; one is a standard menu flavor and the other is our signature* flavor of the month. Each flavor is popped to perfection with fresh, gourmet ingredients and carefully chosen by our taste-testing professionals. From classics like creamy caramel to exciting new favorites like Pina Colada and barbeque, every bag we ship is always a freshly popped sensation guaranteed to impress!

  • January = low fat low salt + barbeque (2nd flavor listed is the flavor of the month)
  • February = cheddar + spicy italian
  • March = caramel + cajun creole
  • April = loaded baked potato + sea salt & cracked pepper
  • May = kettle corn + taco
  • June = salty dill pickle + pina colada
  • July = buttery + barbeque (BBQ twice a year due to demand)
  • August = white cheddar + chili lime
  • September = buttery + toffee
  • October = garlic parmesan + candy corn caramel
  • November = ranch + caramel apple
  • December = buttery + peppermint vanilla

* signature flavor of the month subject to change at any point

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